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acceptObsel(obsel:com.ithaca.traces:Obsel) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.TraceLine
Check if an obsel matches the selector
actionsGroup — Property, class com.ithaca.timeline.skins.ZoomContextSkin
activity — Property, class com.ithaca.timeline.Timeline
Activity trace
addChildAndTitle(child:com.ithaca.timeline:LayoutNode, index:int) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.LayoutNode
addCommentObsel() — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.skins.TraceLineGroupTitleCommentsSkin
addEventListener(type:String, listener:Function, useCapture:Boolean, priority:int, weakRef:Boolean) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.CursorIcons
addObsel(obsel:com.ithaca.traces:Obsel) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.TraceLine
Add an obsel in the obsel collection
addTime(beginValue:Number, endValue:Number, fillHole:Boolean) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.TimeRange
Builds a new list of time intervals with the current list and a new time interval
addTrace(pTrace:com.ithaca.traces:Trace, index:int, style:String) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.Timeline
Create a new Tracelinegroup from a trace and add it to the Timeline
addTraceline(traceline:com.ithaca.timeline:TraceLine, parentNode:com.ithaca.timeline:LayoutNode, xmlLayout:XML) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.Layout
Add a traceline as a child to a LayoutNode
addTraceLineGroupPreview(tlg:com.ithaca.timeline:TraceLineGroup, index:Number) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.ZoomContext
Add a traceline to the timelinePreview Group in order to make a preview of a given TraceLineGroup.
allowCut — Style, class com.ithaca.timeline.skins.ZoomContextSkin
allowCut — Property, class com.ithaca.timeline.skins.ZoomContextSkin
allowZoom — Style, class com.ithaca.timeline.skins.ZoomContextSkin
allowZoom — Property, class com.ithaca.timeline.skins.ZoomContextSkin
applyCSS(cssData:String, selector:com.ithaca.timeline:ISelector) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.Timeline
applyStyle(target:Object, style:Object) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.TimelineStyleApplicator
applyStylesheetToTraceline(applicator:com.flashartofwar.fcss.applicators:IApplicator, stylesheet:com.flashartofwar.fcss.stylesheets:IStyleSheet, traceline:com.ithaca.timeline:TraceLine, selector:com.ithaca.timeline:ISelector, parentNames:Array) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.Timeline
autohide — Property, class com.ithaca.timeline.LayoutModifier
autohide — Property, class com.ithaca.timeline.TraceLine
automaticHolemaker(tlg:com.ithaca.timeline:TraceLineGroup, minSize:Number) — method, class com.ithaca.timeline.Timeline
Automatically create holes for the given TraceLineGroup, for a given minimum hole width.
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