ISelector The ISelector interface is implemented by classes that are used to select obsels (Tracelines have an ISelector properties for example).
 BaseObselsRenderer The BaseObselsRenderer is the base class of ObselRenderers.
 CursorCursor that moves according to the current time of the Timeline.
 CursorIcons This class is used to change the appearance of the cursor
 Layout The Layout class manages the creation of tracelines and tracelinegroups in a tree layout as defined in a XML descriptor.
 LayoutModifier The LayoutModifier is a layout node which dynamicaly creates Tracelines when needed.
 LayoutNode The LayoutNode class is a base class for each node in the layout tree; it should be an abstract class.
 ObselSkin The ObselSkin class is a skinnable component that represents a com.ithaca.traces.Obsel.
 ObselsRenderer The ObselsRenderer class extends BaseOselsRenderer to render obsels with skinned ObselsSkins.
 PlayPauseButtonA simple play pause button; the play/pause icon is set according to the state of the 'isPlaying' property of the Timeline.
 SelectorRegexp The SelectorRegexp class implements the ISelector interface.
 SimpleObselsRenderer The SimpleObselRenderer class extends BaseOselsRenderer to render obsels with lines and rect (durative obsel) in a Shape component.
 Stylesheet Created to manage colors, obsels skins and other CSS like properties but not really used ; should be merged with the Layout class.
 Timeline The main component of the package and the entry point of the API.
 TimeRange The TimeRange class manages time intervals, zoom and time holes.
 TimeRulerThis component displays a TimeRange as a ruler with equidistant time markers and time labels.
 TimeToolTipTooltip-like component that shows a time label ; it is used in the Cursor class or appears when the mouse cursor is over a TimeRuler.
 TraceLine The TraceLine class extends the LayoutNode ; it manages an obsels collection selected from an obsels source and renders them.
 TraceLineGroup The TraceLineGroup class extends LayoutNode and it is a direct child of the timeline in the layout ; it contains the reference to the trace.
 TraceLineGroupTitle The TraceLineGroupTitle component is the title part of TraceLineGroup.
 TraceLineTitle The TraceLineTitle component is the title part of traceline.
 ZoomContext The ZoomContext class manages a movable and resizable cursor to control the time interval in which the obsels have to be displayed.